Coaches Testimonials

My son played for Dale and the Bullets from late July through the fall season after being competitors for many years. We were all extremely pleased with the type of organization and care Dale showed for the players. He attempted to get each player the most exposure possible with top competition giving them all opportunities to show what they could do. The baseball was good and my son really enjoyed the experience. His development this fall and productive season was in large part due to the competition in conjunction with positive reinforcement Dale provided. Dale Reed runs a program that exudes a relaxed but professional atmosphere conducive to getting serious players to maximize their performance. Another big benefit was that Dale communicated with coaches along the way and showed sincere interest in getting the boys a chance to play beyond high school. He talked with coaches at the Junior College, NAIA, D-III, D-II, D-I levels, attempting to get boys into slots that best fit their abilities and interests. My son received calls from about a dozen schools as a direct result of the games and camps scheduled over that 4 month period.
Jeff Brueggemann

Former MLB Scout (Cubs), former Minor League General Manager (Twins), former AAA player (Twins)

I have known Coach Reed for 4 years and in that time I have been able to see his teams play many games. The Bullets are a well run program that obviously plays the game the right way and it really prepares the players for the college game. We have been fortunate enough to have some former Bullets play for us and they have done tremendously well. His track record of placing players at the next level speaks for itself, and the kids have all gone on to do great things in college. The Bullets are one of the teams that I make a point to get out and watch several times because I know that he will have players on his teams that can help us here at Neosho.
Mike Saddler

Assistant Coach – Neosho County CC

I have been fortunate enough to get to know Coach Reed on a personal level and become familiar with how he runs his program. He is always approachable to discuss his players and is very accurate and honest in his evaluation. He treats his players with respect and provides great opportunity for them to become better players and get great exposure at all levels of college baseball. In observing his teams play, he has first class kids who play the game the right way. They hustle, support one another, are respectful to coaches, players, and umpires. In short, they respect the game and all its entities. I have recruited and signed numerous players from Dale Reed and the Bullets and all have been successful both on and off the field. I will continue to look to his program for my future recruiting needs and would recommend any high school player to take a serious look at this program.
John Hill

Head Coach – Fort Scott CC

I can’t say enough good things about Dale Reed to do him justice. The Bullets are a first class organization with some of the best talent I have seen this fall in the Kansas City area. But, what separates Dale from the rest is how much he cares for his players. He prides himself in providing the best experience he can possibly give them. I would recommend Dale to any player that is looking to get to the next level.
Rob Ramseyer

Recruiting Coordinator/Hitting Coach – Mid America Nazarene College

The KC Bullets is a very good program for players looking to go on to the next level. Coach Reed does a great job developing and promoting his guys so they have the best chance to succeed. They are the kind of team that we hope to get players from on a regular basis.
Shawn Joy

Assistant Coach – Independence CC

The evidence is on the field when you evaluate the Kansas City Bullets organization. Dale Reed has invested a lot of time and effort into building one of the premiere high school programs in the Midwest. The Bullets train not only to excel at the high school level, but they are preparing to play at the collegiate level. Take a look at the way his current and former players have performed throughout their careers. There is a plan in place to develop the right fundamentals to play the game at the highest level. Players that are serious about playing college baseball should take advantage of the opportunity to play for Dale Reed.
Ryan Schmidt

Head Coach – Hutchinson CC

I’ve known Coach Reed now for over 3 years. What impresses me the most is how he handles the recruiting process with his players. I have been coaching collegiately for 13 years and communicated with numerous travel, high school, and legion programs. As a recruiting coordinator; I don’t need heavy sales tactics or promotion; I need open and honest communication with evaluations about prospects. Coach Reed has played at a high level, has developed talented ball players, and been able to see them succeed and/or struggle at higher levels. He has a great grasp of what level players will be successful; along with matching players/ programs personalities. I truly believe he helps put players at programs where they will have a chance to succeed. Without coaches like Dale Reed; Iowa Western Community College would not be able to sustain the success we work hard for every day.
Rob Allison

Assistant Coach - Iowa Western CC

Coach Dale Reed has been bringing his teams to my tournament for the past 3 years. If you are looking for young men that play the game the right way, that is coach Reed’s Bullets team. I enjoy watching their hustle, competitiveness, and over all understanding of how to play the game. The KC Bullets I do believe prepares kids for the next level of baseball. Coach Reed does a good job of getting his team in front of as many collegiate coaches as he can to give each kid that opportunity to play beyond high school.
Phil Hannon

Head Coach – Baker University

Dale Reed has done an outstanding job with the fall college showcase program. He provided many opportunities for players to become exposed to junior colleges and four year schools. Not only did the program provide opportunities for players to showcase their skills during games every weekend, but practices were held on-site at local college facilities in front of the school’s coaches. I was particularly impressed with his desire to get to know each of the players, understand their specific goals, and work with them individually to improve their skills. My son enjoyed the program and I would highly recommend the KC Bullets to any high school player that is serious about playing college baseball.
Pete Ingles

Head Coach – KC Bandits (Ban Johnson)