Bullets in the Pros

I have had the opportunity to coach numerous players that have reached all levels of baseball, to include; MLB, minor leagues, D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and Junior College.  Well over 100 former players have played beyond the high school level.

The Bullets program have consisted of players from Springfield, Joplin, Kirksville, Columbia, Jefferson City, Savannah, St. Joseph, Manhattan, Topeka, and the entire Kansas City metro area.

Carter Jensen (2021)

Kansas City Royals (3rd Round) SIGNED

Noah Cameron (2021)

Kansas City Royals (7th Round) SIGNED

Matt Russell (2021)

Philadelphia Phillies (Free Agent) SIGNED

Isaiah Campbell

Seattle Mariners (2019, 2nd Round) SIGNED
Los Angeles Angels (2018, 24th Round)

Clayton McGinness (2019)

Baltimore Orioles (20th Round)

Hunter McMahon (2019)

Washington Nationals (9th Round) SIGNED

Matt Russell (2017)

Los Angeles Angels (40th Round)

Marquise Doherty (2015)

Kansas City Royals (15th Round)

Matt Blackham (2014)

New York Mets (29th Round) SIGNED

Tyler Baker (2014)

Arizona Diamondbacks (15th Round) SIGNED

Aaron Baker (2014)

Philadelphia Phillies (Free Agent Contract)

Mitch Slauter

Pittsburgh Pirates (Free Agent Contract)

Alex Greer (2013)

Cincinnati Reds (29th Round) SIGNED

Alex Carder (2013)

Signed free agent contract with the Detroit Lions (NFL)

Vince Spilker (2012)

Arizona Diamondbacks (25th Round) SIGNED

Jeff Soptic (2011)

Chicago White Sox (3rd Round) SIGNED

Tyler Baker

Cleveland Indians (50th Round)

Jeff Soptic (2011)

Kansas City Royals (43rd Round)

Trevor Rosenthal (2010)

St. Louis Cardinals (21st Round) SIGNED

Vince Spilker

Los Angeles Dodgers (20th Round) SIGNED
Tampa Bay Rays (49th Round)