Parent Testimonials

Deanna and I would like to thank Dale for all of the time and energy that he invested in Isaiah for 8 seasons. Dale went beyond what was expected of him in his job and consistently exemplified leadership, honesty and integrity. Dale not only made Isaiah a better baseball player, but he helped him become a better man. Dale taught him how to handle the mental side of baseball, which is a huge part of a young man’s ability to succeed. Isaiah is well prepared for the next chapter in his life at the University of Arkansas. Dale always says, “I don’t get players college scholarships, they do that by their abilities.” We disagree. Dale tirelessly works to secure each of his players a college commitment. Isaiah worked hard to get to the next level, but Dale was walking side-by-side through the entire journey.

KC Bullets is one of the best showcase programs in the Midwest, season after season. Because Dale spends time recruiting well-rounded players, he consistently produces successful teams. Dale is not in this business to make money – he is in it to help high school baseball players reach their goals. Because he does this for all of the right reasons, his teams are successful.

We also want to thank Cindy for her commitment to the Bullets. Cindy wants each of Dale’s players to succeed. The Reed’s son has not played for the Bullets for years. But, Dale and Cindy treat this team like their family. To hear Cindy talk about the players, you would think each of them is her son.

Thanks for a wonderful 4 years.

Deanna & Parry Campbell

Parents of Isaiah Campbell

While the impetus for us joining the team was for Henry to improve as a player and to gain exposure for his talents, the fact is he became a much better baller, but most importantly grew as a person under Dale’s tutelage. He grew to love a game he had always enjoyed and excelled in, and gained a superb mentor and example in Dale. He has often opined that he holds Dale in the highest esteem not just as a coach, but as a person. So do we! Needless to say, the great situation into which Henry is headed, owes much to Dale’s efforts and promotion, as well as the support of the wonderful and motivated teammates Dale has put together. The great thing about Dale is that he works hard for all of his players to find the best situation for them. He is not going to gamble on their happiness or future by pushing them into a non-ideal situation. Nor will he sacrifice their well-being to win a game which, in the grand scheme of things, is meaningless. As a life-long educator I know something about faculty motivating students to learn. In Dale’s case, I have witnessed one of the best
Tim DeNoble

Professor & Dean – Kansas State University

Dale Reed has coached our son Kevin since the age of 7 which in itself says something about Coach Dale’s character and abilities as a baseball coach. Since the formation of the KC Bullets, we have watched it evolve into one of the premier programs in the state and country. Coach Dale’s knowledge of the game and ability to bring out the best in each player is evident by the success his Bullets teams have had in competing with top teams around the country. He demands discipline, hard work, and commitment from his players. He also cares about each of his players and is always available to work one-on-one with a player if necessary and is never too busy to listen. His goal is for each of his players to get the exposure needed to move on to the next level in competitive baseball. Thank you Coach Dale, it has been a pleasure being part of the Bullets family.
Jim & Pam Huckleberry

Parents of Kevin Huckleberry

Our son Kyle played for Dale this Fall and has fortunately made his summer roster as well. Kyle’s experience with the Bullets has been nothing but positive. The college exposure Dale gives to his players is great. I know there’s other programs, but I truly believe the difference is in Dale. Through his discipline, personality, knowledge and contacts Dale earns the players respect. Dale is not only a friend but also a mentor to his players. We look forward to our continued participation in the Bullets program next summer.
Mike & Debbi Adams

Parents of Kyle Adams

Dale, I want to thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for Riley the last three years! Taking him on your team and helping to mold him into a well rounded baseball player and more than anything, playing such a big role in helping him get into a great JuCo that will hopefully be the road for bigger and better things in the future for him. Riley thinks so highly of you and all you have done for him, he will never forget you and the time he spent playing for the Bullets! You are an amazing person to devote so much time and energy for helping all these boys expand their baseball skills and get the exposure to as many colleges as possible. He is so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you and be part of your team.
Stacy Weeks

Parent of Riley Weeks

It takes a very special person to make a difference in a young man’s life. You are that person and more! Thank you for taking Bret on your team and providing him with not only baseball skills, but how hard work pays off and the art of both winning and losing. You lead by example and your words and actions mean so much to these young men. Your praises meant the world to Bret. He is so excited to begin this next chapter. We owe it all to you. Thank you!
Kerwin Holloway

Parent of Bret Holloway

As the parent of a player whose passion is baseball and wanted to continue playing in college, we were looking for a team that could provide good college exposure and also coaching that would help him continue to get better. There are so many positive things we would like to say about Coach Dale Reed and the KC Bullets program in this small space, but they can all be summarized by saying that no other coach is going to work harder to get your son meaningful exposure to colleges and to help them be successful. In addition, Dale provides valuable consultation about the recruiting process.

Here are a few examples of the differences that Dale provides:

  1. Other coaches may help send out a letter or email to college coaches for your son, but Dale knows these college coaches personally and has them on speed dial whether it is a pro scout, D1/D2/4 year school, or JUCO. He works with the college coaches and arranges for them to come see your son, then receives feedback from the coaches after their visit to share with the player and parents.
  2. One aspect that really impressed us was that Dale stays in contact with his former players. Dale, and his very supportive wife Cindy, often take former players out to dinner when they are in their town, or they travel to watch them play. He also continues to help them with recruiting, if needed, even after they begin college.
  3. He has the highest of principles and demands the same from his players. He recruits talented players and is very competitive…his team’s records reflect that. However, Dale would be the first to tell you that it is more about getting the players exposure than it is winning.

You can’t go wrong with choosing the Bullets program and we would be happy to discuss it further with any parent who is interested.

Gene and Deb Edwards


I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for Zach this fall. He absolutely loves playing for you and feels very lucky that he’s had the chance to do so and is looking forward to next summer. The quality and reputation of the Bullets program from top to bottom starts with you and is appreciated immensely by all of the parents. It is because of your dedication and sacrifice that many of these players will be realizing their dream of playing college baseball including Zach. He will be signing with your alma mater Missouri Western State University. They seem like a good fit and he is impressed with the coaches, players, and facilities. Zach owes all of this to you and your belief in him as a player and young man. He has a tremendous amount of respect for you, which is something he doesn’t dole out easily. This speaks to your quality of character and ability to develop good relationships with your players, not to mention going the extra mile to help them attain their goals.
Steve Roberts

Parent of Zach Roberts

I just wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of Keith and myself to thank you for a great fall baseball season. Keith enjoyed playing for you and the team and has had many open doors because of that. Additionally, please know that what you do for these boys is well recognized, the proof is when we mention your name and it is known by many of these colleges we visit. You do a great job and appreciate and thank you for the chance to play with you this fall.
Keith Picht

Parent of Keith Picht

Our son Noah had the opportunity to play for Coach Dale Reed and the 18U KC Bullets for three seasons, two summers and one fall. From our perspective as parents, Dale runs a quality college showcase program, one of the best in the area to help prepare players to get to the next level. He recruits highly talented players from a very large area in the Midwest. Dale’s honesty and integrity with his players is second to none. His knowledge of the game of baseball allows him to motivate and evaluate players to be the best they can be. Dale’s expertise in coaching is his true ability to properly evaluate players skillset and match those skills with the right recruiters in the right collegiate programs. Dale fully understands the college recruiting process and has a great relationship with a lot of college recruiters and coaching staffs. He also knows the best college showcases to attend to give his players the necessary exposure to get to the next level.

From the beginning Dale was very honest and precise in his evaluation of Noah. Dale was always open for discussion and anytime welcomed questions. For weeks he told us that Noah had a lot of natural talent and could probably play at the Division-II level, but he always added that Noah was “potentially” a Division-I player. Dale seemed to frequently use that word “potential”. He said everything depends on how much work Noah was willing to put in to get better. Dale sees potential in every player to become the best they can be on and off the field.

Early in Noah’s first summer as a Bullet, several D-2 and NAIA schools, along with a few JUCOs were already showing some interest, but D-1 University of Central Arkansas (UCA) was contacting him with
offers to come play. By the fall of Noah’s senior year of high school, he had committed to UCA and signed his National Letter of Intent that November.

We feel that Noah’s opportunity to play with Dale and the KC Bullets was the sparkplug necessary to help lead him to a great collegiate program that will promote the fulfillment of his dreams. The best is yet to come.

Thank you to Coach Dale Reed for giving our son Noah three great seasons of top-notch baseball.

Tracy and Diane Cameron

Parents of Noah Cameron

Our son Joey has played for the Bullets for 10 plus years. It has been the best experience for Joey. Dale has not only been a great coach but also a true friend to the players and parents. Dale is knowledgeable about all areas of baseball and has helped us greatly in the recruiting process. He has contacted coaches and provided the necessary information on getting Joey recruited. We recommend for anyone who is looking to play competitive baseball and have a great experience to consider the Bullets. It has truly been a great time for us.
Vicki and Glen Oxley

Parents of Joey Oxley

When our son Kenny got to the point in his baseball career and was committed to trying to play at the next level we were looking for several things in a program: will he be playing at the right places where he will be seen, is it a competitive team, a coach who will instruct players and not just sit in the dugout, and does the coach have credibility? For me credibility was the most important thing and I will tell you Coach Reed has it. The Bullets play at all the right places, the team is always one of the best in the Midwest and Coach Reed is always coaching. But the credibility he has with College coaches and scouts is what makes the difference. They listen to him, he is honest with them and the players and he will do his best to find the right fit for your son. It was a great couple years with the Bullets. I know my son learned a lot, had fun, played hard and is ready for the next challenge. Thanks for everything Coach, you are making a difference.
Joe & Carol Delaquila

Parents of Kenny Delaquila

When joining the Bullets last fall our son Trent wasn’t sure where his baseball future was headed. As a high school senior he had a passion for the game and wanted to go on to play college baseball. He had always played on good teams and enjoyed individual success, but had not received much feedback or attention from college coaches. As parents we were trying to help position Trent for success, but needed help understanding what level he could play at. After the first practice it was easy to see that this was the type of opportunity we were looking for.

The practices were organized, run efficiently, and throughout the season the improvement in each player was noticeable. Several things about Dale Reed’s program impressed us, but one thing that was obvious was Dale’s passion for developing and exposing players to college coaches. Dale has a gift of helping each player understand their abilities, opportunities for improvement, and potential. He is honest with kids about their skill level and never tries to mislead them. Because of this college coaches respect Dale’s opinion and travel to watch the talented Bullet’s play almost every weekend. His very impressive relationship with college coaches gives the players a great opportunity for exposure at all levels. When the recruiting process starts Dale is there to help the players and their parents walk through it. He helped expose Trent to numerous colleges in the fall and was always available to answer questions after his visits. The recruiting process can be overwhelming so having that support was tremendous. Thank you Dale for all the long hours and hard work you put into running a class program.

Trent is excited about the next steps in his baseball career and you had a lot to do with helping him get there.

Troy and Shelly McMaster

Parents of Trent McMaster

My son, CJ, played for the Bullets and Dale Reed for the past five years and it has been one of the best baseball experiences that my son could have had. Coach Reed runs a well disciplined, organized and highly talented team. Coach Reed’s philosophy of playing baseball at the most competitive level possible, while maintaining the belief in performing fundamentals and stressing continued individual improvement in all players is easy to understand and believe in. As a 26 year veteran coach of high school athletics, I have witnessed the outstanding qualities and character in Coach Reed that is needed to be successful in working with today’s high school athletes. I would highly recommend the KC Bullets and Dale Reed to any baseball family wanting personal development, a highly competitive environment, and a caring attitude for their kids.
Jon Krug

Parent of CJ Krug

Our son played for Coach Reed for over 2 years. He really enjoyed playing for Coach Reed because it was a relaxed atmosphere, while receiving excellent baseball instruction. It was obvious that Coach knows the game of baseball and he was a great role model for the players. We appreciate the leadership skills he demonstrated both on and off the field. Those skills will help these young men become better adults and baseball players.
Monte Mitchell


Having been in the opposite dugout of Dale Reed and the Bullets for many years now, it was quite a change for our son, Seth, to join this team and coach for the fall season. Dale has always fielded an extremely competitive team and his core players have been with him for many years. Without a doubt, he has earned the respect of his players, their parents, and his opponents. He has done a great job of conveying his knowledge and passion for the game to the young men that have been coached by him. I learned two things this Fall about Dale that weren’t apparent to me from “the other side of the stands”. He has a genuine dedication to his team that is above and beyond the norm and he does a fantastic job of communicating with parents. Any young man that plays for the Bullets will not only have a quality coach but also a positive role model. It can’t get much better than that from this parent’s perspective.
Linda Huninghake

Parent of Seth Huninghake