Player Testimonials

I met and started playing for dale reed when I was just 14 years old and going into my freshman year. I was very nervous at the beginning but the older players and Dale took me under their wing. Playing for dale these past four years have made me into the baseball player I am today. He has made me stronger as a baseball player but most importantly made me stronger on the mental side of baseball. He also taught me a lot about pitching and kept working with me to improve my pitching mechanics through all four years. Dale as a coach is very relaxed and laid back but he still wants to Win every single game possible. Also as a coach he is very encouraging. He also helped me a lot in the recruiting process and helping me get the exposure from all the different colleges. I can’t thank Dale enough for the 8 seasons (fall and summer) and all he has done for me and also my family.
Isaiah Campbell

Seattle Mariners/University of Arkansas / Olathe South HS

The summer before my senior year of high school I moved to Kansas from Utah. That ended up being the best thing to happen to me for my baseball career. If it wasn’t for my parents, family, coaches, and summer coach Mr. Wessling, I might not be where I am today. Everyone has supported me and done everything possible to make sure I have succeeded in life and baseball. My parents and Mr. Wessling helped me get on the best college showcase team around. That is when I was given a chance by Coach Dale Reed. He has a very good reputation for winning and finding top caliber potential college baseball players. He does a great job on getting players where they need to be physically and mentally. Playing for Coach Reed was definitely the turning point in my baseball career. He helped me learn how to play the game of baseball like no one had before. The best part about him that I appreciated the most was his willingness to help and be completely honest with me. If he saw something that I needed to change or fix, or do differently, he would let me know. He was up front about it and did everything he could to help me fix it. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a perfect coach, but Coach Reed is my perfect coach. My lifelong dream has been to play professional baseball and Coach Reed was the one that helped me realize the type of player I would need to be to fulfill my goals.

Coming off of two elbow surgeries I needed to learn to pitch all over again. Coach Reed took the time to help me change my arm slot, prepare me for my upcoming high school senior year, help me find a great junior college to go to, and overall become a better pitcher and person. He was a major contributor for me becoming and all-state pitcher in high school and also being selected a National JUCO pitcher of the week my sophomore year.

If it wasn’t for Coach Reed I don’t know if I would have gotten the chance to play baseball at Johnson County Community College, Middle Tennessee, or being drafted by the New York Mets. Thank you for everything Coach Reed. You were a major influence on me as a baseball player and a great person.

Matt Blackham

New York Mets / Middle Tenn. State University / Olathe Northwest HS

I started playing for the Bullets when I was 15 years old. Coming to the Bullets allowed me to play for a great coach and group of guys. Dale more than anything has made me mentally stronger, and also does a great job teaching players how to play the game the right way. Although Dale’s most impressive quality to me was his honesty, multiple times his truth pushed me to become better every season. Without that I would not be the player I am and I can’t thank him enough for that. Being a part of the Bullets organization was a lot of fun and is allowing me to play at the next level.
Ryan Koval

Wichita State

I First started playing for Coach Dale the fall going into my sophomore year of high school. Going into that season one of the youngest kids on the team it was safe to say I was a little nervous, but Dale and the older guys made me feel at home. Coach Reed’s reputation in the baseball community is tremendous and is hands down one of the best coaches I’ve ever played for. He has helped me not only as a baseball player but helped shape me into the man I am today, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Through these three years of playing for Coach Dale, I have made bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. On the Bullets, the team always had a sense of pride for the name on the front of our jersey expecting to beat every team we faced, and usually it went that way, because of Dale’s commitment to winning and getting the best out of people. I can’t thank Coach Dale enough for everything he has done for me through these last three years.
Carson Green

University of Oklahoma / Olathe South HS

I played three summers of ball for Dale and in those three summers I played by far the best baseball I ever had. The reason for this being that no one in the area does a better job of recruiting than Dale. As for his coaching style, Dale is the ultimate players coach, he has a very caring demeanor and when need be he knows how to get on you to step it up. However probably the most impressive aspect of the Bullets program is the recruiting opportunities available. It seemed like no matter where we were playing Dale knew every college coach there. I can confidently say that if I had not played with the Bullets I would not have found a home with KCKCC.
Adam North

Kansas City KS CC / Shawnee Mission North HS

Playing for the Bullets was one of the best times of my life. The program is set up great so everyone gets their deserved playing time and to top if off you win a lot of ball games. Coach Dale was a great help to all of us players. He knew how to keep us in line yet we had a lot of fun at the same time!
Joe Mapes

Fort Hays State University / Allen County CC / Shawnee Heights HS

Dale is by far the best coach I have ever had. I wish I would have played for him longer because the team atmosphere was fun. I heard thru a friend, that the Bullets would be a good opportunity to improve my game, and get exposure, and that was exactly what it turned out to be. Because of Dale, I now have the opportunity to play at the next level where I will attend Coffeyville CC in the Fall. I will work hard and use the skills Dale taught me to be the best pitcher I can be. I can’t say enough about Dale. He stuck with me thru thick and thin, and I will never forget him. Thanks for being a great coach.
Nick Jones

Coffeyville CC / Parkhill South HS

When I first joined the Bullets, I had heard from former players how great of a coach Dale was and the great program he was running. I was amazed with the respect and stature the program had accumulated and was glad to add to the reputation. Dale was a great coach and mentor, remarking on the correct way to play the game, but not in a way to diminish your confidence. He was great with getting me exposure and helped me to get where I am today. Not to mention he is a great guy to be around. I only wish I had been on the team earlier to be with such a great group. A very memorable time and a great program. Thanks Dale for all you have done and thank you for the opportunity to play!
Zach Macke

Washburn University / Shawnee Heights HS

I played for Dale during two fall seasons and two summer seasons and it was by far the most competitive and fun time I’ve ever had with a baseball team. Dale is very laid back and makes his players feel comfortable while keeping winning as a priority. He knows most of the coaches from around the Midwest and makes sure players get exposure to as many as possible. He works very hard to get every player offers. Getting on the Bullets was the best thing to happen to me baseball wise and I can’t thank Dale enough for all that he has done for me and the great times I have had with him and my teammates over the years.
Riley Landuyt

Johnson County CC / Washburn Rural HS

Dale, I would like to say thank you for letting me be a part of the KC Bullets. My love for the game changed from the second I met you! It is amazing how much I have improved in the last 2 years, and that’s all because of you! Thank you so much Dale!
Bret Holloway

John Wood College / Mill Valley HS

When I first began playing for Coach Reed, I was just a junior in high school who was hoping to get picked up and have the opportunity to play ball at the collegiate level. One day Coach Reed suggested I drop my arm slot to the side arm position in order to make myself unique from all of the other right arm pitchers who sit in the low 80s. At the time I thought this was one of the craziest ideas ever, but I began to play around with it. I started to get more and more calls from college coaches strictly because of how I threw. Without Dale offering this idea to me and helping me along the way, I might not have ever had the opportunity to play collegiate baseball. Dale has played such a crucial role in my life, and I can’t thank him enough for that. Thank you Coach! I would like to add this testimonial to the website. Thanks again Coach Reed.
Bret Harris

Coffeyville CC / William Woods College / Washburn Rural HS

I had the opportunity to play for the KC Bullets for 4 season under Coach Dale Reed. I had just come off of Tommy John surgery and I was anxious and nervous to play in front of college coaches because I was behind in the recruiting process. Throughout my journey, Coach Reed always told me to relax and to not try to do too much and to not stress about finding a college to play for. He didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear but coach always told me the truth about where I was as a player and what I needed to improve on. It’s because of his honesty, leadership and dedication to each one of his players that I was able to continue playing the sport I love.
Danny Baker

Crowder College / Olathe North HS

I’ve been playing with the Bullets organization since I first entered high school, and the decision to play with Coach Dale and his team was one of the better ones that I’ve ever made. Not only is he focused on playing at a highly competitive level in order to win games, but he also makes player development a huge priority in the organization. He is willing to work with any player on any aspect of their game to make sure that by the time they graduate, they’re ready to compete at the collegiate level. Since Dale has a very good relationship with a numerous amount of colleges, he does a great job with informing any that you’re interested in about your strengths as a person on and off the field. Another thing that I loved about Coach Dale was his ability to be honest with his players and share his thoughts with them about their performance and the potential that he sees in them for the future. Furthermore, he was able to be flexible with his players and understand that sometimes things come up outside of baseball. Connor Dawson, coach of the 16u Bullets, was also with Dale for my freshman and sophomore year. He’s excellent in what he does, and has helped me with quite a few aspects of my game. He’s helped me to improve my swing, the approach that I have when I go up to the plate, and fundamentals in the field. I loved the 4 years that I played with the Bullets, and I can’t thank Coach Dale, Connor, and all of the players that I played with on that team for what they’ve done for me.
Jack Duffy

Missouri State University / Staley HS

I just want to say thanks Dale for first giving me the chance to play with you the Fourth of July tournament my sophomore summer. I’m really glad you did because the next 2 summers were the best summers I had playing baseball. Your coaching style is the best because you don’t try to do too much with a player like some coaches do and you are just a fun coach to be around in general. I wished I knew about your team 2 years before because then we could have won even more games together. Thanks again for giving me the chance of playing on your team and hopefully some day I’ll be coaching with you. Love ya Dale, Keep in touch.
Tyler Baker

Wichita State University / Shawnee Heights HS

The Bullets is a high level showcase organization that gets the job done on the field and does it with class. Coach Dale Reed does a great job with teaching the fundamentals of the game and how to play the game right. Our goal as an organization is to make sure you play at the next level. Nobody does it better than the Bullets. Once a Bullet, always a Bullet. #Bulletsfamily
Spencer Patrick

Maple Woods Community College

Dale has played a huge role in not only my success as a ball player but also as a man. Dale’s work as a coach and role model took my development as a player to a whole new level in the two years that I played for him. He guided scouts to me by showcasing my abilities and my personality to a variety of colleges. And outside of baseball he taught me the importance of responsibility and work ethic. He showed me why my success relies on how hard I work outside of the practices and games. Because of Dale’s program, which has unmatched success, many players like myself have been offered the opportunity to play at the next level and the price of that privilege is priceless.
Connor Dawson

Neosho County CC / Olathe North HS

I played for Dale both my junior and senior year of high school. Dale runs a program that is laid back but is also very competitive. The level of competition is very good and helps you get better for high school ball and also prepares you for college ball. He gives you a lot of exposure to college coaches and pro scouts through the many different locations you play. I would highly recommend Dale’s team to anyone looking to extend their baseball career.
Tre Watson

Crowder College / Glendale HS

I first met Dale playing with the Bullets in fall ball five years ago, which was a great experience. After my freshman year of high school, I decided I wanted to play college baseball so I left my current team and went to play for the Bullets full time. Dale has always been an incredible coach and a great person to be around. I’ve learned so much from him on and off the field and he’s given me so much advice, I can’t even begin to explain how big of an influence he’s been on me. When my junior year came, I decided that I didn’t want to play in college. Dale still gave me the opportunity to stay on the team. I have played, and he’ll be the last coach I play competitive baseball for and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would recommend him and the Bullets program to anyone, whether they’re looking to play in college or not. It is second to none in baseball instruction, and for a personal experience that you can’t get anywhere else.
Ty Gardner

Ottawa HS

I have known Coach Reed for four years now and I cannot praise him enough. My experience playing for the Bullets was one that I will never forget. Coach Reed demands the best from you as a player and will give you nothing less than his best as a coach. I have received two scholarships for baseball from two different schools with the help of Coach Reed. His dedication goes way beyond on the field and he will do everything in his power to help you, even when you have moved on from his program. Coach Reed has built a program that will help you strongly develop as a person and player. I am very fortunate to have met and played baseball for him. Whether you are a young man looking to improve yourself or play at the next level, playing for Coach Reed and the Bullets will provide that opportunity.
Zach Roberts

Missouri Western State University / Olathe South HS

Thank you so much for making it to my wedding.  It really meant a lot to me. Most of my best memories of playing ball came from playing with the Bullets. I will always consider the Bullets as part of my family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for you. I learned a lot from you playing ball, but more importantly you helped shape me in to the man I am today. You was by far the best coach I ever played for and I will always look up to you.
John Smith

Florissant Valley College

Thanks Dale for making me a part of the Bullets when you did. The two years I spent with you, Connor, and the team were the best two summers of my baseball career. I’ve made lasting friendships with the guys that I know I’ll have the rest of my life. You made me a better pitcher with your coaching style. You’ve made me a better pitcher physically, but more important mentally. You have helped me with a better approach to the game. It was always a fun atmosphere and you are just a fun person to be around. My only regret is that I hadn’t been a part of the Bullets organization sooner. Thanks again for all the opportunities you gave me. Love ya Dale, keep in touch!
Jesse Steinbring

University of Central Missouri / Manhattan HS

Playing for Dale Reed and the KC Bullets was the best decision I made during my high school career. Dale and the Bullets took my game to a higher level, which is a huge reason why I’m still playing the game today. The coaching, exposure, and competition of the KC Bullets got me college-ready. To any high school player wanting to chase college baseball dreams, Dale Reed and the KC Bullets will give you that opportunity.
Dylan Hanson

University of Central Missouri / Olathe South HS

To start off, the only thing I can say I regret the most about my affiliation with Dale’s program is that I hadn’t been a part of it sooner in my high school career. I played for two falls and two summers and I can say without hesitance that it was the best possible thing that could have happened to me. Dale coaches from principles that teach the player to think for themselves and to play with passion. He creates the opportunity for the player and makes it his duty to succeed. It shaped my view of the game and I developed a certain love for it that I don’t think would’ve happened had I not been a part of the program. Dale has established a very prominent reputation with surrounding schools and it allows him to expose his players to a wide spread of colleges. He has a history of success and putting a quality squad on the field. Having played against and for the Bullets, I can strongly say that the program is one of the best 18u programs in the Midwest. I am also thankful for the players that I had the pleasure of playing on the field with. I met guys that I can call some of my best friends and I am incredibly thankful for that. It’s been a hell of a two years and I can’t some it all up in a few short sentences, but if I could, I would do it all over again because it was the most fun I’ve ever had playing ball.
Max Miller

Coffeyville CC / Liberty HS

I played the summer going into my freshman year of college. Dale was a great coach and he helped me to be the player I am today. Playing with Dale got me exposure as well as made me a better player, and prepared me for the next level.
Alex Jones

Northern Illinois University / Piper HS

I first heard about the Bullets by several older players that suggested I should play for Dale. I ended up playing the next 2 years with the Bullets. Right away I knew it was a great decision. Dale has helped my game improve so much the past 2 years and got me to where I am now. Dale not only helped me as a ball player but in all aspects of life. Dale year after year gets the best players around and has a winning team every year. Every time we stepped on the field we expected to win, and win with class. He taught players how to play baseball the right way. Dale’s program was not only a winning one, he also made sure all of his players got as much exposure as possible and all of his seniors get signed year after year. This program was not only the best program I’ve ever played for but the most fun too. Thanks Dale for all the memories and the great opportunities. Keep in touch, love ya Dale.
Tyler Lockler

Independence CC / Raytown HS